When the flu takes you out…

For the first time in my life I actually got seriously sick. Judging from the fever, body aches, cold chills and deep chest cough I assumed I had the flu. One person in our office actually got diagnosed by a doctor with the flu and half our department was out with similar symptoms. I have not been this sick since 7th grade when I had bronchitis and missed 2 weeks of school. This wasn’t quite as bad but still warranted 2 days off from work… and lots of healing time.

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When you’re exposed to gluten….

This has been some of the toughest weeks I’ve ever had… First whammy was what I think was gluten exposure. For those of you new to my blog I have gluten intolerance. I do not react immediately but I will get one or more of these reactions after enough of an exposure: headache, stomach upset and cramps, eye twitch, swollen/dry lips. I do not seem to have a problem with cross-contamination which makes it much easier to go out to eat (though we only do it about twice a week for dinner). I do tend to push my luck and try regular wheat products once in a while – this time it was a piece of cheddar bread I bought for the family (bread is one of the things they still eat and I buy it for them – best quality I can get which is local sourdough bread more often than not). I ate a two-bite piece leftover from breakfast and my lips swelled up to twice their size a few days later. Then they became bone dry and this lasted for about a week or so. Similar story followed about two weeks later – this time there was no bread and I still can’t identify what made me react. I am finally back to normal (after using up 2+ tubes of lip balm and suffering from red, peeling lips for days and days) though my lips are still a bit dry. At least the swelling and peeling have gone away. I have been super vigilant about staying away from anything that might possibly contain gluten.

To put a cherry on top, I developed a stye in my left eye. I have never had this before: it’s a painful lump on the inside of an eyelid that is usually due to an infection. The area under my left eye swelled up and the lump was super painful. I had to go on oral antibiotics (though thankfully not Cipro which is very hard on my system as it’s very strong). My last dose is tomorrow! My appetite has not been great and I’ve tried very hard to not eat junk and sweets as it’s all I was craving. I am now going to concentrate on getting back to nourishing foods and extra probiotics to rebuild my gut flora – so very important!! I also have some exciting things to share regarding my career change as well as some recipes and hacks I’ve been trying. Stay tuned!

Sick week

I feel victim to bacterial conjunctivitis (also known as pinkeye) last week. My 8 year old brought it home and shared. Of course he got over it in 48 hours (with no more interventions than a swipe across the eye with chamomile tea) and I battled with it for over 5 days before admitting defeat and going to the doctor. I have never had antibiotic drops before but that stuff is magic! I am on the last couple of days and my eyes are almost back to 100%. I plan to do a course of probiotics (probably 30 days’ worth) after I’m done with the drops. How has your week gone?

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