Are you confused, too?

I’m talking about dieting advice. Or, more specifically, “what to eat” advice. Not only is it changing every time we turn around, it seems to be swinging wildly from left to right and back again. Let’s take a look and see if we can make things simple – or it least, manageable.

On the one hand, we have the new trend of ‘carnivore’ diets. It may sound great: fewer choices to make, you get to eat steak and hamburger pretty much as much as you want to, etc. But are there pitfalls to this style of eating? Of course – one point to remember is that there are possible pitfalls to just about every style of eating. For some ideas to consider, I present this podcast and this blog post:

Is the carnivore diet healthy?

How much meat vs veggies?

Now on to the other side: the vegan/vegetarian diet or even the plant-based diet style which seems to be pretty much devoid of any meat or animal products at all. On the surface, this sounds good: you are increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables (because no matter what style of eating you follow, getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet is always good) but what else might you be doing? You might also be eating more grains and legumes which, given how many people have digestive issues, autoimmune conditions and other chronic diseases, is not the best thing to do. You might also be eating more soy and processed foods as many vegetarian and vegan alternatives contain soy and other super processed ingredients. Also, is cutting out all meat products the best thing to do in terms of nutrients? So many people focus on particular items or calorie counting that we have lost sight of the most important thing when choosing what to eat: nutrients. After all, that is what makes and keeps your body going: nutrients. That is just one of the reasons why the current ideas of ‘eating less meat’ or going ‘plant-based’ might rob you of nutrients. Read on below:

20 Ways EAT Lancet’s Global Diet is Wrongfully Vilifying Meat

I hope this information has given you some food for thought, pun intended. I have been researching and tweaking my style of eating (I hate the word ‘diet’) for over 15 years… Once I figured out I could not eat gluten, that cut out the gluten-containing grains (wheat, barley, oats and rye) and over time I figured out the almost all of the other grains did not agree with me. I do eat some rice and occasional gluten free bread but that is about it. I also have a hard time digesting legumes (such as beans and lentils) so I skip those. In the past few years I have been focusing on improving the quality of the meats and animal products I consume. Now I can say I have done that. We eat mostly pastured eggs, high-quality dairy, grassfed butter, grassfed beef, pastured pork and poultry as well as wild fish. This year I’m going to focus on getting in more vegetables, especially at breakfast and also lunch (which sometimes lacks as many vegetables as I’d like). I’m shooting for 5 servings of vegetables as the bare minimum. I usually do a serving or two of fruit a day (maybe a bit more in the summer when they are fresh and in season) and I plan to stick to that. So far 2019 is looking great!